Your eyes on the NEO network

ChainSentinel lets you receive real-time information about NEO blockchain on your service or dApp. Without the need to run and monitor your own full-validating node.

Note: ChainSentinel is in demo mode!

What is ChainSentinel

We provide a service that lets you monitor the events that take place on the NEO blockchain with little effort. You no longer need to setup, run and manage your own nodes with all the required infrastructure to be able to receive real-time smart-contract data.

  • Webhooks of smart-contract actions and notifications
  • Webhooks of logs and other functional elements of a smart-contract normal operation
  • Websockets interface and API to give access to your dApp to real-time information without the need for polling. (Soon)

How it works

The usage of ChainSentinel is as simples as it gets. You just have to register for the free account to have access to your dashboard.

There you will be able to create "hooks" for the smart-contracts you pretend to follow. You just have to provide the following information:

  • Smart-contract ScriptHash
  • The endpoint that should receive the webhooks/notifications
  • Any filtering options that you might need
  • Network where the smart-contract was deployed (Mainnet / Testnet)


At the moment ChainSentinel is in alpha stage, we won't charge any usage while we improve and solidify the initial feature set.

On the future we will contact the early users for feedback about possible pricing schemes and give them time to adapt.

The pricing will be tiered and based on usage (eg. number of smart-contracts and delivered events).


You can find more resources and information about functionality of the service on our support page.

For a more direct contact and business related questions please use the following email: